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Monday, September 30, 2013

Artisand Lampwork 9.30.13

Welcome to the best glass bead and lampwork jewelry show on the web!! Today's featured bead is a stunning iridescent lampwork focal by Bob Hoffmeyer.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Glass Beads Fall Lampwork Spooky Saturday 9.28.13

Glass bead fans, can you believe October is right around the corner!???!!!? It really is time to start preparing for the holidays! But today, it's all about fall lampwork and the Halloween Glass Beads.

Kicking off today's show  is Doris of Glaswerg with her Happy Skeleton Charms:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lampwork Bead Jewelry 9.27.13

Glass Bead fans, welcome! Artisans, tomorrow is Spooky Saturday and we'll want to see all your fall lampwork and Halloween glass beads!

Cindy of Cindy Lynne Designs shared a fun  Skull Pendant yesterday! We hope to see more fun fall pieces tomorrow! Be sure and join us!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Handmade Lampwork 9.26.13

Glass Bead fans and artisans... get ready because this Saturday is Spooky Saturday.... Halloween and Fall Glass beads will be the focus. But for today, it's pure elegance! Check out this stunning dichroic glass bead focal by Laurie of Isinglass Design a/k/a Glass Bead on Etsy. This is called Vein of Gold! Gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Glass Beads 9.25.13

Hello Lampwork Lovers! Today's featured glass bead set is most exciting! In fact, this stunning blue lotus lampwork pair is so pretty...it needs two photos! They were created by Aimee of Polychrome Beads.

I hope you enjoy the extra eye candy today! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Glass Beads 9.23.13

Wow! What an amazing Glass bead show over the weekend. Here in California, we had a wonderful turn out for the Beads of Courage Bead Challenge. And yesterday's lampwork spacer beads were just awesome! Be sure to scroll down and vote for your faves!

Today's featured bead set is a intricate set of blue glass bead spacers from Alchemy Lampwork:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Glass Bead Spacers 9.22.13

It's time for another edition of Space Out Sunday where we ogle the oft overlooked, but always needed glass spacer bead and get to know another glass artisan. All artisans will be posting pics that feature lampwork spacers today!

But before we get to our show, we're going to hang out with artist Debbie Altman of All My Beads. Since we're talking about the work-horse of jewelry design, check out the photo of this pile of glass bead spacers Debbie sent - aren't they just yummy???

What do kind of glass beads do you make?  I cover the spectrum when it comes to making beads. When I first started in 2005, I was big into sculpting. These days, I just play. I simply do what I feel like doing. It could be sculpting one day and making a simple round bead set the next. It’s all good! Lately, I've been making lots of beads for Beads of Courage.

 Debbie Altman of All My Beads

Do I ever space out at the torch? Never. Too dangerous. I get lost sometimes though and go off track of what I was trying to do in the first place. Lol! Does that make sense ? I don’t listen to the stereo or tv because my vent system is so loud.

What was the Worst burn / cut you ever got??? How did it happen, where was it? The worst burn was a couple years ago. Second degree burn on my first finger, left hand. So bad it scared me enough to go to the doc. Used Silvadene crème and it really did the job to heal. This is from thinking it’s ok to reach into the flame and move a piece of glass ! Eye rolling smile Dumb but I bet a lot of folks have done it !

What was the hardest skill for you to learn? How did you over come? The most difficult skill for me has always been encasing flowers and in general, encasing. I work on it often with some success occasionally. Lol! I found for me, trying too hard and working too fast just wasn’t the way. My biggest tip to ANYONE learning this is to GO SLOW !

What is YOUR favorite jewelry to wear? My favorite jewelry is bracelets. Any kind of bracelet. I am a bracelet fanatic. Lol ! I have so many beaded bracelets I have lost count but I also have plenty of metal pieces as well. They are also my most favorite thing to make in jewelry.

What is your favorite thing you've made? My most favorite thing I’ve made in glass – a little Halloween doll bead. I learned how to make these doll beads from a tutorial that Anne Ricketts put in one of Corina’s books. I made LOTS of these little dolls and the Halloween one is my all time favorite bead. She is a pendant that hangs from one of my Kumihimo braids.

Debbie, thanks for letting us space out and get to know you better! Friends, you can find Debbie's glass beads on Etsy. She has a wonderful blog and a Fan Page too!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glass Beads of Courage 9.21.13

Hello Glass Bead fans! Once again, we are celebrating Beads of Courage!
This is an arts in medicine charity that allows children with serious illnesses to tell the story of their treatment path. Colorful beads symbolize and commemorate milestones of achievement on their journey.

Our featured bead today is from one of our regulars, Jo of Kitzbitz Art Glass. Jo has written a fantastic lampwork tutorial for making yellow ribbon hearts for the kids.

Today artisans from all over the country are coming together to make all kinds of glass beads for the kids. Here's some of the beads made at the event last week held by the Midwest Lampworker's Guild:

ARTISANS: please remember that your link today must have something to do with Beads of Courage.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lampwork Glass Beads 9.20.13

Hello Lampwork Beads fans and artisans! Just a couple of quick announcements and we'll be on our way! This weekend is chock full of special posts!!! Tomorrow is dedicated to Beads of Courage and we ask that our artisans share their favorite links of items being donated or maybe a favorite tutorial.

Sunday will be our 3rd installment of Space out Sunday. Glass Spacer beads must be featured somehow in the listings!

Today's bead is an organic focal from Holly of Holly's Folly Glass.  This is called Drama Papa:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glass Beads for Jewelry 9.19.13

Glass Bead sets are so wonderful to design with! A talented jewelry designer can turn a set like our feature below into several coordinating pieces: short necklace, a longer lariat, a dressy bracelet and a ring could all be made from those beads! Or, with the addition of more beads, several unique but similar pieces could be made.

This set if from Michael and Brad a/k/a The Flaming Fools and is called Ephesus

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Hole Glass Beads 9.18.13

Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Brighton and Hallmark Connections bracelets are all so popular and they've been very instrumental in introducing collectors to the fine art form of glass beads. But let's face it, those Chinese made beads break easily and...they are NOT unique. For something truly special, you need artisan made glass beads. You're in luck, my friends because... this is the best guide to artisan crafted beads online!

Today's featured bead just so happens to be a artisan made bracelet bead. Check out Northern Lights by Betsy Beads:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lampwork Beads and Art Glass Jewelry 9.17.13

Lampwork Glass Beads are absolutely stunning (did you see yesterdays blue glass bead show??? OMG!) but we would be remiss if we didn't show them off in some finished jewelry from time to time!

Check out this stunning blue glass bead necklace from our sponsor Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Monday Glass Beads 9.16.13

Hey there lampwork lovers! One of the most popular days around here when we celebrate the most popular and searched for color of lampworked glass bead... BLUE!  No need to search...they are all here!

Today's featured bead is from Cathie of January Girl Designs. Check out her Navy Blue Waves Glass Focal:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lampwork Art Beads 9.15.13

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's diversion into the charity Beads of Courage. Tomorrow is another special day for us as it will be Blue Monday, where we celebrate blue glass beads!

Today's featured bead is a lovely blown hollow glass bead from Alexis Trout of Glass House Arts Shop.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Glass Beads of Courage 9.14.13

Welcome Glass Bead fans! Today is a special day as we are celebrating Beads of Courage!
This is an arts in medicine charity that allows children with serious illnesses to tell the story of their treatment path. Colorful beads symbolize and commemorate milestones of achievement on their journey.

Many glass bead makers donate beads to the Beads of Courage program.We are featuring the beads of Debbie Altman of All My Beads. She has been a really busy bee making fun beads for the program and has shared lots of info on her blog:

Today and next Saturday,  glass bead artisans are coming together for a Bead Challenge. They will make beads just for the charity. And if you don't live in one of the cities where the events are being held, you can sign up to torch from home!

In honor of this amazing charity, today, instead of sharing beads for sale, we have asked our artists to share beads going to or recently donated to Beads of Courage.  We hope you enjoy sharing in this endeavor with us!

If you are interested in making a donation to Beads of Courage, you can do so via this link

Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Glass Beads 9.13.13

Welcome Lampwork Lovers!

Artisans - Reminder - tomorrow is Beads of Courage Torch From a Distance and we will be asking you to share your blog posts or photos of glass beads for the BOC program!

Today's featured bead is an eye / bump / raised dot focal.  Sand and Blue has a lined silver core and is made by Carol of C Evans Designs.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SRA Lampwork 9.11.13

Welcome glass bead fans.  Somber day here in the States and I thought it would be nice to share something really special today.

Today's featured bead is a bald eagle glass bead focal by artist Beth Knapp Tyner. This bead is sold but Beth offers remakes on this style. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glass Beads Lampwork 9.10.13

Are you guys getting ready to show off your Beads of Courage Glass Beads this weekend??? In the meantime, let's get this show started with a little fun.

Some people are blessed with cooler temps lately but some of us are still dreaming of the beach like this little guy. Meet Spam,the Beach Hogger Glass Bead focal created by Laney of  IzzyBeads:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween Glass Beads and Fall Lampwork Spooky Saturday 9.7.13

Don't be scared! We're just celebrating Halloween a little early around here to give jewelry designers a bit of time to create fantastic fall themed wearable art! So let's get on with our Halloween Glass Bead Show!

Today's featured bead is a Glass Sugar Skull or Calavera made by our sponsor Suzanne of Fragiacomo Glass Art.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hot Glass Beads 9.6.13

OMB!!! (Oh My Bead!) Tomorrow is Spooky Saturday!!! Be sure to pop back in then to see glass beads celebrating fall and Halloween!!! But that doesn't mean we are slacking today! Com'on in and check out the show!

Today's featured bead is actually ready to wear lampwork jewelry. Check out Traveling Ground from Elizabeth Beads:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SRA Lampwork Beads 9.5.13

Just reminding you folks of our special glass bead posting days coming up! Saturday 9.7 is Spooky Saturday with Halloween Glass Beads and Fall Lampwork. On both 9.14 and 9.21, our artisans will be showing off beads they give away to Beads of Courage.

Our featured glass bead focal is called Rainbows in Stone and it from Nina Eagle.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lampworked Beads 9.4.13

Glass Bead Fans, welcome! Just a quick announcement for our artisans and our show will be underway! 

Artisans, 9/14 and 9/21 are very special days to our favorite charity Beads of Courage! There will be Torch at a Distance events all over the country! On those days, we will ask that the photos you share will be of beads you've made for Beads of Courage. This event is so new, it's not on our Events Page yet... but it will be in the next day or two! So please check in!!!

Today's featured lampwork bead set sure got some amazing hits yesterday! Cindy of Cindy Lynn Glass used a rare old glass called Caramel Apple to get that reactive line in the beads! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glass Beads 9.3.13

Happy Tuesday. Summer is over and we're all back to work....sigh. No need to fear! We've got gorgeous glass beads here! And don't forget, this coming Saturday is SPOOKY! Lots of fall and Halloween beads!!!

Check out Southwest Summer from Stone Designs by Sheila.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Glass Beads 9.2.13

Let's take a moment to admire last month's featured header artists:

Their shops are:
Janel Dudley Beads || Happy Skull || Kitzbitz Art Beads || Polychrome Beads || Flaming Fools

Janel, Cherie, Jo, Aimeee, Michael and Brad - Thank you all for gracing our site with your beautiful beads!

Artisans, you may share TWO links if you like today!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Artisan Lampwork 9.1.13

A new month is here and while it seems awfully hot in many places this American Holiday weekend, it is time to start thinking of fall and holiday beading projects!

Check out this beadutiful leaf by Debbie Altman of All My Beads. Autumn Beginnings will surely get us all dreaming of cooler days ahead:
To make sure we have an active show this holiday weekend, Artisans, please feel free to post TWO links now through Monday!