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About Glass Beads Daily

As I bead artist myself, I've found the greatest promotion of my work is through others. And I've found promoting others a lot easier than promoting myself. So I thought it would be neat to have a site we could all share and promote each others work and share it with fans of artisan glass beads.

As a person who has worked for decades in marketing and advertising, I know a blog with good tags and an address such as this will get views, IF we all share a link when we can!

Why This Works: When you have something to share, feel free to add a link. When you don't, feel free to look around and dream. And PLEASE, share the link love! Tweet, feed it to your Facebook and Fan Pages, Pinterest, Stumlble, G+, Digg... wherever YOU network!

With everyone promoting, pages such as this get thousands of views!

Fans of Glass Beads and Artisan Lampwork:
For fans of quality artisan made glass beads, we hope you will stop buy often and discover the finest glass beads and amazing artists!

Enjoy! About the ads: Yes, I do have advertising on this site. The link tool I use to share everyone's photos cost this starving artist money. The ads are there to offset that cost.

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  1. Beautifully.. Amazing beads..You have been Blessed!!!