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Links to the artists featured in our header photo: Kathryn Newman Glass Art|| Holly's Folly || Prima Donna Beads|| Polychrome Beads||


Why so cheap??? We are building this site. But as a starving artists, we want to help other starving artists! At this point, we're trying to offset the of the link tools! Once we break even, any proceeds will go back into promoting this site. Possibilities include: promoted fan pages, facebook ads or twitter posts.

Everyone who advertises is guaranteed a featured artist spot.... as long as you post and share on this blog! Often when we have a tie in voting + hits, we feature a sponsor instead!

Please note the date your ad starts! We have some popular slots that book MONTHS in advance! All our ads are averaging 5- 7K impressions with our popular post footer pulling in 7- 9K impressions a month. Where you see one of our "Your Ad Here" banners, those spots are available immediately and will be removed to allow your ad to run!

Now offering animation services!!! Holly will animate your ad for $12. Please note that this does not include ad space.  If you want her to animate a different size ad for your own use, feel free to get in touch!

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