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Promo 101

I like to think of us as an unofficial team here. We are all promoting one another and the amazing glass beads and lampwork we all make.

All "the team" asks is, if you share a link, take a moment and promote. Collectively, we are stronger than if we go it alone. That being said, not everyone "gets" promotion.

So here's a list of ways you can promote. It's not expected that you do this every day, but if you do ONE each time you share a link and every one else does the same, we will really be getting the art form of glass beads out there!

  • Follow this site... Link on the right. Page with lots of followers rank higher than those with few followers.
  • Comment once and while... Comments help with hits and SEO as well, especially if they use one of our keywords! 
  •  Twitter - hit the "Tweet Your Link" button from the sharing page of the InLinkz tool. This tweets your specific details as well as the current post!
  • Tweet bombs - hit the tweet button from the social links at the end of the post. But do it several times, changing the hash tags each time. Suggested hashtags: #glass #beads, #lampwork, #jewelry, #design, #ebay, #etsy, #artfire, #pandora, #troll, #crafts #blogs #handmade.
  • Use the social links at the end of the post - We are getting great traffic from Facebook and G+ so those of you sharing there, THANK YOU! 
  • Feel free to share on some of the other social networks such as Digg, StumbleUpon and WaNeLo
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing search site. Consider adding a Pin It Button to your dashboard for easy pinning!  (Scroll down on the linked page for details on the button!)
These are all great ways to promote and it only takes a few seconds!!