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Link Help

This is a more in depth help file for those with trouble linking. First the basics:


  • Click "Add Your Link" Button Below / New Page opens
  • URL: Add the link of your item, be it etsy item, blog post, fanpage special, Ebay item*, etc. 
  • Name:  This will show on the page! Your name, studio name or item description... it's up to you!
  • Your Email: Visible only to site owner and required to prevent duplicates or robo-listers
*Ebay photos are NOT visible however, if you post a self hosted photo within your html listing there, choose that pic and it WILL be visible!


Basic Uploads: Once you've filled out the above and click "Next Step" another window opens and this is what it the top part looks like: (Note THREE tabs at the top!)

You are automatically on a page that allows you to choose from photos available on that page. THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK WITH EBAY! (See next section!)

For a basic upload, scroll down until you find the image you want. Note in the above example, it pulls EVERY image from my website: My SRA, Fan page, as well as the bead I want!

After I find the bead, notice there are two buttons under every image. I can choose either select or crop. Since this site takes 100x100  px images, if my image were square, I would just hit "Select." But mine isn't, so here I would hit "Crop." 

Once I hit crop, another window opens:

This shows me what the cropped image will look like... see the highlighted portion? I can move that around and even zoom in if I want. When I like what I see, I hit the "Crop the selected area" button and viola! Done!

Ebay and other sites: 

So yes, ebay is somewhat problematic. It has to do with them hosting images and not wanting images stolen from their powerful servers. There are two options:

  1. If you embed your own hosted images in html on ebay: From the Select from Blog Window... scroll down past your first listing images, past the photos for the items you may like that ebay inserts and your hosted images should be near the bottom...choose there and it "should" load. 
  2. This one is a bit easier and less problematic: From Select from Blog Window... choose either Direct Image URL tab and upload a link to the jpeg from your hosted file (like we do on LE) OR choose Upload from Computer and upload your image directly! These will most certainly work. 
And if your image is on any other site giving you issues... #2 will work! 

Facebook Fan Page:

If you run specials on your fan page, just click on the date or time it posted on FB. This should take you to in frame photo album and you have to get out of the frames by deleting the last part of the URL.

Example: Here is the URL of a special on my fan page:
http://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=435479513202840&set=a.4319833535524 56.1073741825.114598985290896&type=1 (hyperlink deleted so that whole url will show)

This is Facebook's weird way of protecting photos but... if you delete the last part of the URL from the ampersand on... you get the "real" link:

Use that "real" link to post here and your photo will show here and the the link will take them straight to the special. 

**If you share from Facebook, please share a recent photo that is EASY to find, otherwise this may hinder your chances of being selected for a feature. Also no bead with a price tag in the photo will be featured. The idea of this site is to get them to look around your store. 

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