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Monday, April 22, 2013

BLUE Monday Glass Beads April 22, 2013

Glass bead lovers: Welcome to our first color challenge! Blue Glass Beads is one of the most in demand search terms so we thought we would put on a show for you today!

Of course we have a feature a gorgeous blue bead from yesterday's collection! This focal with earring pair is by Jolene Wolfe of Kitzbitz Art Beads


  1. Just loving all these BLUE GLASS BEADS!!! Thanks for jumping on the blue bandwagon!

  2. Thanks Holly (I didn't make the beads, just the earrings. Hope that's OK?)

  3. Maren, I've been praying some fantastic glass loving jewelry designers would find us... the more the merrier. I want the world to know how fabulous glass is and not everyone knows what to do with a great bead so we need both types of artists posting!! ;-)