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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Glass Bead Spacers Space Out Sunday 12.22.13

Welcome to this month's Glass Spacer Bead extravaganza! All artisans will be posting pics that feature lampwork spacers today!

Your hostess is taking the plunge today as none of our other artists will fill out the questionnaire to be featured!  Before we get into our interview with Holly of Holly's Folly ~ Glass, let's take a look at some spacers:

What do you make? What or you known for?  I have no idea... I make what makes me happy at any given point in time. Sometimes it's  sculptural because I feel I need a challenge. It's almost always big. I adore big beads. Sometimes it's whimsical. Often I feel driven by a color combo. My first lampwork idol was Lezlie Belanger. She does whimsy and organic and I think that's why I adore her... who wants to be limited by a style? The down side is I'm not so predictable and it's harder to build a following of loyal customers. Mostly I would describe myself as having a confused muse... which makes sense for a Pisces child!

If there is one bead that means the most to me to make, it's the memorial bead or a memory bead. I'm really just a big sap of emotion and beads that mean something to a customer's heart really tug at me.
"Wardena" - Memorial Bead

Do you ever space out at the torch? What do you think about / listen to / watch? HECK YES! I'm always amazed at how delicately our artists answer this question! But, my goodness!! We're WAITING for glass to melt... it's not the most exciting thing in the world. I find myself daydreaming in the flame! I sing...loudly and poorly to 80s and 90s upbeat stuff. I "chair dance." I've studied Tahitian dance a bit an I do my amis and side to sides in the chair... it relieves back tension. Rear and ab squeezes also break up the monotony.
Breast cancer goddesses custom made in memory of my sister.

What was the Worst burn / cut you ever got??? How did it happen, where was it? Special treatment??? I got a "two-fer" in my arm pit! I had been heating a rod, realized I had some gold ink on the heated end, turned it around and then needed a free hand to adjust something on the bead in the flame, so I stuck the hot rod under my arm! Two burns for the price of one!

I get a script for Silvadene (Silver sulfadiazine) cream every year from my doc...just in case. That stuff soothes a burn like nothing I've ever tried! It's a must for glassers!
Summertime Friends shown as a simple pendant or with a statement tassel. 

What was the hardest skill for you to learn how did you over come? Any tips to share? The long skinny bead. I always liked big beads but...they can get too heavy to wear!  Understanding marvering on two sides at once and working the ends really helped... and heat control.  The other skill I'm working on is stringer... I so wish I could get hair thin stringer to listen to me!
What is YOUR favorite jewelry to wear? It depends on the occasion. If it's some function I have to dress up for, I will wear one of my elaborate pieces. I like my fancy jewelry to "do stuff." A simple pendant will have a longer piece with more flourish that attaches to it. My kumihimo will have a glass focal that detaches so you can change the look.

For just around the neighborhood, I just love  simple heart bead on a rubber necklace.

Holly's Links: Website  ||  Etsy  || Fan Page  ||  Bead Blog

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