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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Etched Glass Beads 2.20.14

Did you know you can etch glass beads for a softer or matte finish?? Etching can mute loud colors and make them appear more cohesive. They are also great for showing off a colored core bead.

There are several types of etching materials for glass...some liquids can be toxic. Gel etchants are great for use with masks to create shiny images within the etched area. One of the safer methods to etch lampwork, especially if the beads are to be used with any of the charity programs geared toward kids, is to use sand and a tumbler.

Today's featured glass bead set was etched in a tumbler. They were created by Doris of Glaszwerg.
Artisans, if you have something etched to share, please do. If not...just show us some pretty glass anyway!


  1. Oh, thank you for showing my picture! :-) Have a nice day, Hugs, Doris

  2. Gorgeous, I don't do much etching but those are lovely Doris :)

  3. Anytime Doris. Thanks for supporting the site!