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Friday, June 6, 2014

Artisan Glass Beads for Sale - Facebook Friday 6.6.14

Welcome fans of artisan made glass beads! Lampwork glass bead sales venues on Facebook are the hot new place to buy glass beads! I thought we would focus on one of the newest ones: Artisan Glass Beads for Sale.  GBD interviewed co-founder Irene Giorgio.

Why did you start the group?
 I started this group because looped pendants were not allowed on the other beads for sale pages. I felt that if it was made using normal lampworking techniques, then it should [be allowed]. 

I also wanted a site where buyers and sellers could have input. I didn't want a rigid site where rules were set and if you didn't like them, you must leave the group. Rules are just guidelines and if sellers and buyers feel that something might work better, I am all for hearing it and implementing it into the site. This is a community site for all. The person that starts it doesn't make it what it is, it's the buyers and sellers that make it succeed and grow. 

Why do you think Facebook is such a good venue for selling glass beads? 
I think because Facebook is in real time! No messaging and waiting days or weeks for an answer. Not only can we ask questions and get 3 responses in a minute, we can also communicate with each other and it helps us get to know each other better. 

We can create a fun atmosphere instead of it being "business" only like Etsy or Ebay. That personal touch, I believe, is what people want. I know I want it. 

What are your goals for the group? 
My goals for the group is to have a successful site. I want sellers to be able to sell their beads and buyers to be able to buy artisan beads that are made with passion for their craft. Not mass produced items where people are forced to make beads in order to make a living. I want it to be a place where people connect with each other and know everyone they are buying and selling to. I don't care about numbers. I like being a smaller group because it allows sellers to have their items seen instead of dropping to the bottom of the page in 10 minutes. I would like to have more fun things to do that would have everyone want to be involved in it. 

Who can list? 
Anyone who makes lampwork beads. All levels. The beads must be properly annealed; they must be quality beads with no sharp edges in the holes, no cracks, and general stuff like that. I want everyone to feel welcome and to also give the newbie a chance to sell and to help motivate them to keep going.  

What can they sell?  
Beads! All shapes and sizes. They can sell pendants and focals. As long as a torch and lampwork rods were used in the traditional way, it's okay to list. 

Finished products like wire wrapped pendants or beads are not allowed. Nor is finished jewelry. We want the buyers to have the vision in their head of how they would like the finished product to look. We just give them the [great beads] to create that vision. 

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