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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Glass Bead Artisan Amy Kuczewski 12.30.14

Today's featured artisan is "Flamey" Amy Kuczewski of Torch by Night Beads. Amy's work has created quite a bidding frenzy of late in the Facebook groups. While Amy makes many styles of beads, today we are highlighting her use use of the moonwalk press.  While the basic shape is a half moon, Amy uses the press as a jumping off point to create so much more.  We hope you enjoy taking a look at her work! As usual, our artisans will be sharing their links below.

Amy's Flamekeeper Etsy Shop  ||  Amy's Facebook Fan Page


  1. Seeing Amy's exploration of this shape is truly delightful. Each iteration is an exercise in drawing outside the lines. She has used this basic shape as a canvas to display her imagination. Turning the half moon shape into lily pads, a winter scene, or dripping honeycombs is genius but only the beginning. The details, mood and character she adds to each shows her mastery of the medium.