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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Glass Bead Spacers Space Out Sunday 8.18.13

Welcome to Space Out Sunday where we ogle the oft overlooked, but always needed glass spacer bead and get to know another glass artisan. All artisans will be posting pics that feature lampwork spacers today!

But first, we're going to get to know a little about Sheila Davis of Stone Design Studio. Since today is all about the glorious glass spacer bead, let's take a look at some of Shelia's. Isn't this silver-rich set stunning???

What do you make?  Lampwork glass bead sets and focals as well as jewelry components like bead cones, sliders, clasps, Kumihimo focals, head pins, disks and vessels. What or you known for?
 I guess it would be my organic beads. I love etched beads, they are very popular with my customers....yes, I make a lot of brown beads!! 

I would also like to be known for my botanical floral beads. It's so fun to "paint with glass"! And I love to work with silver glass, total opposite of my etched organics. Maybe I have a split personality!

Do you ever space out at the torch? I try not to space out, I might hurt myself! What do you think about / listen to / watch?  I think about a lot of things...if I'm making an intricate bead, I think about what I'm doing. If I'm making spacers, I might be thinking about what to make for dinner! I'm not a big TV fan, so it's music for me...anything from Miles Davis, Etta James, Dave Matthews, Eagles....the other day, Billie Jean came on the radio and I had to stop, I couldn't sit still!!

What was the Worst burn / cut you ever got??? How did it happen, where was it?  The worst burn I ever got was when I was in too big of a hurry. (can't help it, it runs in the family) I had a paddle of frit in one hand and the bead in the other and I went to move the paddle over and stuck the knuckle of my left index finger right in the torch! Ouch!!

 Sheila Davis of Stone Designs

What was the hardest skill for you to learn? How did you over come?  I'm still working on perfect dot placement. And Clio was a big challenge for me as well as many artists, but so rewarding when you finally "get it" Any tips to share? I took a silver glass class from the talented Sue Stewart...I would advise taking any class you can. Some day, I would like to have a big enough studio for classes with guest teachers.

What is YOUR favorite jewelry to wear?I always wear jewelry when I leave the house...even if it's just to the store. Earrings and bracelet.

What is your favorite thing you've made? I have a vessel that I made...I just loved it and when it didn't sell for some time, I decided to keep it! I also like my Sunflower beads.
Tribal Relics by Stone Designs

Thanks for taking the time to space out with us today Sheila! Folks, you can find Sheila's fabulous work on her Stone Designs website,  or her etsy shop. You'll also want to check out her fan page and her blog!

ARTISANS: Please remember tomorrow is BLUE MONDAY! Yes, two special days in a row!

On with our spacer bead show! 


  1. Spacer beads- we all need them! What a nice interview with Sheila!

  2. Thank you Holly for the feature. I can see I need a new picture...one where the gray doesn't show!!

  3. Nice interview with Sheila! - Hope earrings made with spacers are OK?

  4. Excellent write up on Sheila Davis. Love her beads and her work area looks so inviting. I just want to sit down and light up her torch !

  5. Great interview, Sheila & Holly
    And of course, fabulous beads :)