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Friday, August 16, 2013

Orphan Glass Beads 8.16.13

Glass Bead fans, we have a most serious subject at hand today. The terrible problem of orphan lampwork beads!

You may find this a little strange because, technically, ALL glass beads are orphans looking for a home! However, many artisans - and we are a picky lot - set aside handfuls of beads that become "orphans." They may not be the color we were hoping for. The shape may be a little imprecise. Or sometimes, they just didn't look quite right with the rest of the set we had already created. Standing alone, they are perfectly fine. And these beads need good homes too! They need to become gorgeous lampwork jewelry! And as a jewelry designer, you can find some fabulous great deals out there searching for lampwork orphans!

The beads are still cleaned and annealed, just as you would expect from artisan made beads! This is a great way to build your jewelry making stash!

Cathie of January Designs shared just such an orphan glass bead listing yesterday!

We hope you will consider adopting today! Artisans! Don't forget! Spacer beads on Sunday/ Blue Beads on Monday!!!

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  1. Oh, sad little orphan lampwork glass beads- these babies need a home!