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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glass Bead Sets 3.11.14

Welcome Welcome fans of glass bead sets and focals and jewelry... you're all welcome to come and shop and share your work in glass beads. And unless it's a "special post" day... like a spacer bead Sunday or a Blue Monday... you are welcome to share what ever you like!

Check out this pink glass bead set made by Carey of CLO Beads. Carey shared a blog post yesterday about the bane of every glassers existence... trying to take a good photo of your beads!


  1. I like the revised picture. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm not used to anyone actually reading my blog. Your picture is so much brighter than the original boring one and yet the colours are still very accurate. Right now I'm using Corel Paintshop to do minor editing but I might have to think about moving to Photoshop after seeing your results. Thanks for featuring the picture. Carey

    1. Carey,

      Photoshop is SO worth the effort... Many community colleges have affordable classes in it if it's too complicated. But I think even the simplified elements version would help.

      I prefer a clean background myself. I use card stock and try to shoot when there are no shadows. By using the white balance feature in photoshop, it corrects and generally stays true to color. I do have to sometimes lighten the midtones a bit...which is what I did to yours. Feel free to save that pic for your own use!!

      Glad you liked it!