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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Facebook Glass Bead Auctions Update 7.29.14

Hello Glass Bead fans and artisans! The feature photo today is from your hostess, Holly's Folly Glass. These are my Facebook Auctions tomorrow, currently in preview / BIN only on my Fan Page.

Week's ago, there was some discussion about how a collage style photo generates way more views on this page... three times more than an average day. For those of you that missed the post in our LE group or on Facebook, tutorials have been posted to help anyone create a collage to help promote YOUR Facebook Sales! There is also a tut on, Facebook Sales Tracking:  how to stay organized with your listings and even a downloadable spreadsheet. If you click on the first link, you will see how I promote on Facebook. The text in that post changes through the next few days as I sell a piece or  move listings  from sales site to sales site. I hope everyone finds these helpful and it generates lots of sales for all of us! 

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