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Monday, July 7, 2014

Facebook Lampwork Sales 7.7.14

This is a lengthy post today and it's aimed more at our artisans than our buyers. This site was started because so many of us shy, artsy types find it easier to promote others than ourselves. As an artist myself, my own stuff didn't get many hits...until this site. And, I had very few sales... until Facebook! In the past year, we've seen quite a revolution in the way sellers reach buyers !

First, about Glass Beads Daily. I'm forever tracking hits and clicks here, trying to analyze what really works for all of us. And I recently had a stunning realization! The days I share a collage... Most often this is the 2nd of the month when we take a last look at our cover art, our hits are phenomenal! I checked back and the few times I composed a collage for a holiday post... same thing! I find this intriguing because the very thing I've found so successful in selling on Facebook is a collage!

If you look back at my shares the last few days, the collages were straight from my fan page. No uploading the photo manually!  In the coming week I will be creating a tutorial to help all of you make your own collage of your current Facebook offerings. This can be done in under 15 minutes!

This post would not be complete without mentioning sales venues on Facebook. There are many! I have a list with hotlinks on my personal bead blog. But as it messed up every other link in that post, and I do not want it to mess up our share links, I'm only listing names here. Search those names on Facebook, or pop over to my blog for linkables. They are in no particular order:

  • Lampwork Bead Auctions
  • Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale
  • Lampwork Bead Market
  • Lampwork Beads and Jewelry Carosel Auctions
  • Gone to Pieces - Budget Lampwork
  • Lampwork Auctions
  • Glass Pendants and Wire Wraps for Sale
And Jewelry Sites Too!
  •  Lampwork Beads in Action
  • Artisan Deisgners Jewelry Buy Sell
In addition, there are many sites on Facebook that allow you to host your own trunk show for beads and or jewelry! Ask some of your friends... There are many venues and it's a lot to keep up with!

Each group has it's own dos and don'ts as well as number of active listings...usually ranging between 2 and 6! Pay attention to the rules! I personally made myself a spreadsheet just to keep up! 

And on a sad note: Some of you may have noticed that the grandaddy of them all is NOT listed here. I recommended this site some months ago and have now removed any mention of it from this blog. Those of you that followed me there, I apologize! There have been numerous incidents of people banned without warning for not following rules that seem to change on a dime and issues with the way sellers have been publicly mistreated.

As an admin for a large group, I know it is very difficult to run a large site with thousands of members. However, I cannot endorse the mistreatment of others or condone impeding freedom of speech in the name of sales. Facebook is a HUGE playground and, if you find yourself or your friends being mistreated, it's time to take your toys somewhere else. Your customers will follow YOU!

All of these venues may not be right for you, but I'll bet some of them will!  Give it a shot!

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